About Us

Nous Global is a global network of policy development and evaluation experts. Currently, we have members in all EU28 member states and 34 OECD countries. To find out more about our reach, click here.

All Nous Global members are impartial, experienced and trusted international experts. Members are invited to join the network based on credentials and previous work achievements. Membership can only be earned, not bought.

Nous Global builds mutually beneficial partnerships and promotes the work of members. We aim to build strong working relationships between members, and to promote the quality of our members’ policymaking and evaluation expertise to international and national development organisations and governments.

For organisations such as the EC, OECD and the World Bank,  we can provide fast access to a cohesive network of respected experts, as well as quick expert reviews of draft reports and policy documents. Organisations can use the network to draw on the right people at the right time – providing ‘in country’ studies by native speaking experts.