Here you can find some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions or wish to become involved in the network, please use the contact form below.

When and why did Nous Global Start?

Nous Global was founded in April 2014 after a group of experts at a European Commission meeting realised the benefits of working more closely together.

The group of experts that founded Nous Global believe that the skills of many academics and smaller consultancy companies cannot be utilised to compete with the larger global consultancies, because they do not have a sufficiently large presence in European Member States or OECD countries.

By joining together we can offer a global presence and compete with the larger consultancies that sometimes only use juniors to complete work.

If I join how many projects can I become involved with?

Members can contribute as much or as little as they desire. However, it is expected that all Members will fulfil their obligation to contribute to projects if they have given an undertaking to do so. Potential work opportunities will be circulated on an ‘ad hoc’ basis – when work arises and when the network requires an expert in a certain field and from a certain country.

Nous Global is designed to enable members to become involved in more projects, more easily, for less effort.

How does Nous Global maintain high quality outputs expertise?

One of the founding principles of Nous Global is that all members are truly experts in their field. New members are usually recruited on a recommendation basis by peers and colleagues, and are asked to provide a CV and complete a questionnaire prior to joining Nous Global. This enables us to measure their suitability for the network and to gain a better understanding of their expertise.

All those involved in developing bids and projects are assessed by their peers against two criteria – effort and quality of input. These peer reviews are used to ensure that all members contribute to the extent required and have the expertise to undertake projects. The same review process is undertaken at the end of each successfully completed project.

How much does it cost to join Nous Global?

Membership of Nous Global is free. However, we are proposing that all members undertake one day’s research to support a charity supported by Nous Global. We are currently in discussion with a number of NGOs to identify a suitable project.

How is Nous Global funded if it is free to join?

Nous global is a relatively low cost venture. Most of the work and opportunities are found by members, communicated via this site or email and developed by members. Nous Global makes a small amount of commission on some projects that are led by Tech4i2. This funding is used to meet overheads and market Nous Global.

What does Nous Global mean?

Nous is multi-lingual play-on-words. It is Latin and Greek for ‘intelligence’, English slang for ‘knowledge’ or ‘native intelligence’, and French for ‘us’. Thus suggesting an intelligent network. ‘Global’ is a little more obvious, with our members coming from all around the world.

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